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Vyayam Yoga, a lure to join the sect

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Maybe seems you hard. But harder and much crueller it is what this wicked one has made in their life and it continues making unpunishedly. Much harder it will be you, that that now will read. It is very possible that can learn interesting things with this individual, but the price that you will pay, it will be too high, you will give him/her everything, you will give your life to change. There are many yoga schools that can become trained, interesting many things, without necessity of breaking your life and that of your dear beings.
Please take your time to read this text and do it quietly, unfortunately we are accustomed to reading about unpleasant things that happen in the world. Become aware of the seriousness of these events, tomorrow the victim may be your friend, your child, your boyfriend / girlfriend, your brother / a. Incredible, but true.
Be very careful with these individuals and organizations. His real name is Antonio Javier Ruiz Plazas, but their names “artistic” are: for embezzlement in companies Javier Plazas, for embezzlement in the “world of Yoga and Spirituality” Swami Shankarananda Tilak or Swami Shankaratilakananda. Record While these names and be careful.
This guy has no morals, no scruples and has lived and still lives in the story, their scams and money (direct or indirect) of all that is around him. It has the typical profile of a cult leader, that’s all ego, is all arrogance, trying to conceal an alleged and false humility, is obscenely greedy and really loves above all is money, power and lust in any form, including sexual, of course.
– Vyayam Yoga, a call to join the sect.

What is really Vyayam Yoga? Although Javier Plazas or Shankaratilakananda Swami, want to call it yoga, is not yoga.  Although one wanted to find a pure historical consistency issue “commercial” does not. It is one thing and another term Vyayam what is now known as Vyayam and what this individual has created under that term.

Shankaratilakananda had a teacher in capitals, a great man and a great saint, the truth. Pure and very humble. His name was Swami Tilak. At his death, after a reasonable time, his “disciple” Shankaratilakananda Swami had two options described thus literally “go to work or go to a bank in the world of yoga and spirituality.” Chose the second course, because this guy I work honestly and earn a decent salary is not going with him. He had sought much higher and should exploit the seam to have met a true teacher.

We all know that Swami Tilak, not show him Vyayam as now known. There are many gaps as to whether Swami Tilak taught Vyayam just a few movements. Vyayam, as he runs, is the brainchild of Javier Plazas, a technique in isolation can like it or not and gives you other improve your health, equilibrarte, etc., But that this individual used as a source of income and above all strong recruitment tool for their sect.

Vyayam as it runs it has a large percentage practice of Chi Kung and Tai Chi, spiced with some elements in India. If the teachers themselves have to bother him a little research, would see that the large base of this technique, in terms of figures, names, hand positions, concepts, etc., Is in what Javier Plazas learned from a great teacher Chi-Kung named Yves Requena, books and DVDs Chi-Kung, books and DVDs Tai-Chi, the energy concepts found in books of Ayurveda, Tantra and Yoga, mudras books or book Harish Johari Chakras, for example. That is something very contemporary, no millennium.
Javier Plazas almost always taught in their courses (some time), a book on the Master Dhirendra Brahmachari Vyayam Sukshma, which has nothing to do with what is currently running Javier Plazas. This always meant to give historical validity to “his” practice, because he knows he does not. In the photographs of the book are yoga asanas, we see well that has nothing to do with what is currently taught Javier Plazas. Never, ever said he had learned directly with Dhirendra Brahmachari. Why would this information be silent Javier Plazas, with the ego and the lure of fame and prominence you have?. Then one day …. Taken out of the hat to … .. learn directly with Dhirendra Brahmachari. More delusions and lies.
By the way the teacher Dhirendra Brahmachari, is a teacher now deceased, was controversial and he may well be the true inspiration of Swami Shankaratilakananda. Dhirendra Brahmachari had scores of complaints in India, had a private plane, was killed in an accident with this aircraft and suspicion of being killed to be sabotaged the plane, was a famous TV show and became very famous in India. It is said that had an affair with Indhira Gandhi (so from Brahmachari (celibate) had nothing), had a weapons factory in India itself and was accused of bringing weapons to Spain clandestinely. All history. Other “mogul” of yoga. As they say “like father, like son”, it seems the master pseudo Shankaratilakananda has been to follow the footsteps of Dhirendra Brahmachari
Is there anything negative in the fact that the practice is not ancient?. No. Is there anything negative in the fact that this practice has influenced Chinese or Japanese? No. We shall then what is it negative? What emerges from the lie. But is that Javier Plazas, is a compulsive liar and makes everyone around him, are compulsive liars. The downside is that you use the memory of your Master, to endorse a practice, to give you more valid and more consistency, because Javier Plazas operates under a “pro-Hindu” and all that does is to endorse from traditions of India. It is a business profile, like any other. Under these assumptions, it is better not to say that there is much influence of Chi-Kung, Tai Chi, etc., Ie inland Chinese, Japanese …. That does not fit the “profile” created. What is negative is, as always, create maya (illusion, illusory effect) in people into believing that this is something that really is not. What’s negative is not being honest.
But what is really negative and very dangerous is that this technique proves to be a very important claim and apparently harmless, to capture future victims to the cult, this pseudo Shankaratilakananda teacher named Swami.
Javier Plazas has registered the name Vyayam worldwide, in theory to preserve their “purity”, but that we are talking about purity if it has “invented” approximately 18 years ago?. The reality of all this is that it has been to make a great business and live the story. Javier Plazas will denounce whoever teacher who, having taken their title, having spent their time and money, wants to teach and can not understand why you have to compromise on their “fees” such as the SGAE more or less, “their copyright. ”
The play is perfect, do you think it normal for a technical course of a “neo yoga” have to do a lot of hours of Seva? What is Seva? It means selfless service, something that is much like working with an NGO, to do something without receiving anything in return, in order to purify your karma and your spirit. But what is Seva, for this pseudo teacher? For Swami Shankaratilakananda do seva is to have free labor, long hours and many people, free labor, which strangely enough is always executed in their homes, their facilities and their interests. This means you pay about 1,000 euros, to learn a technique of neo yoga and just a lot of hours working for him and his interests. A windfall at the expense of good will and ignorance of the people who come to their world.
But that does not stop there, after you have paid your course, have worked for him under the pretext of purifying your karma and you charge up to second helpings in the food you offer (as can be so mean! ), will begin the second phase, if you want to get a degree in monitor / a, instructor, teacher, then in each of these levels will have to pay some “fees” to review and not just a symbolic thing and once Have any of these titles, unless you want to be denounced / a for your “master”, that one day you lure them in a way so “lovingly concerned”, you have to pay their fees. Under the premise of having to “recycling” should go to his school every year to repay $ 1,000, you pay again to sleep in their facilities (which sometimes is a bit of ground to spread your sleeping bag), you pay for their food (which is not included in the price), will have to pay if you repeat a meal for one day have more hunger, have to pay for photocopies of the notes they give you, you have to pay if they offer you a drink or a couch, you will be prompted to make donations, etc.

But besides that without realizing it yourself you will be on providing or help impart much of the course, that you receive for recycling bowing, but cheap labor. If you do all this, without question, your level will be adequate (although not received hardly any correction) and will be aligned / a Shankaratilakananda the pseudo master, but if you refuse to any of these things offend the master pseudo ( you can not imagine how quick and easy to be offended), you’re sloppy job with him and denounce you. “Unbelievable right? Incredible, but true.

Do not be fooled by its website, its pose, his words, his lips, is all smoke, a smoke screen, is a leading specialist in generating “maya” illusion and make things appear otherwise than they actually is. It is a showman of the spiritual marketplace. Be very careful with these individuals and organizations.
Another symptomatic detail: when you enter the website Vyayam, hoping to find something you talk about health, harmony, balance, yoga etc, but it really looks like a the website of the treasury, because it really it is all a display of legal terms, clauses and veiled warnings on fraud and everything that can happen to be a “child” bad girl” If not pay their fees. Incredible, but true.

How to break a life and stay with your property.

In most cases the “modus operandi” of Shankaratilakananda, is very similar. First he will consider you psychologically to see your weaknesses and see where it can get you, consider your relationship with family, how you relate to life, defects, psychological problems you may have or just have problems in life (who does not have?), your income, the possibility that copper inheritance, if you have a car and what type, if such rental or property with a floor, etc. And also consider your career and your skills to see that you can ask yourself as special, in the “seva”, which he understood as free labor. From there you qualify in your mind and depending on its “assessment” squeeze you more or less or which is the same, the degree of relationship we establish will be more intense or less intense. If you have property, a good salary, inheritance of, parents or wealthy family or a special ability that he is interested, be sure that the relationship will gradually establish will be very very close. And of course, if you are female and pretty, but you have nothing to the above, surely it relates to you in a very very close … until next.
There are many ways to rape a woman …. or a man, not only physics and this guy is an emotional rapist, no doubt. He lives with three women in particular Harem and has “received” hundreds of women, girls, students, disciples who have been entering her life, with the roll of Tantra and exotic grounds that having sex with him purifies Women’s karma and spiritual transformations. Shankaratilakananda simply takes advantage of his position to reach many women who do not, even in dreams would agree. It is simply an obscenity and an abuser of women, who broke his heart to many of them. That literally has been used as a tissue and then boasted of being an energy vampire, a dragon tantric feeding on his shakti (energy). But is that really he feeds all the women and takes away the power, women in a very particular sex, but men also through other types of nature and relationship. He grows and other dwindle, it really is a vampire negative. Incredible, but true.

Although he speaks of shakti, the female goddess, is actually very vexatious, with dreadful fights, challenges, pulses and punishments. If you are angry with any of them, the punishment can be for example, spend years without having sex, while sex with all you can. It also punishes them, forbidding them to speak or look into the eyes of other men. Is not emotional rape and abuse in all rules, that one of his three wives of about 35 years, only to have the doubt that you could like a man, publicly humiliated in front of more than 20 people screaming at the satiety and put it in her lap, her pants down and hit it with a slipper to leave your ass raw literally?. Abominable. Incredible, but true.
So if you are interested, anger at you. But we must recognize that it is very skilled at this and used as on many other occasions, reverse psychology, that is, they managed to tell you to go to him, so that later when I have plucked, pounded, or both, with more expensive to back face of innocence and you say, “you came to me.” It is also quite possible, as he always does that send to a pawn ahead of his court to be paving the ground.

Shankaratilakananda Swami, in most cases approaches you, offering you an indirect support for any of your problems in life (provided there is some evidence). It is quite possible that even give you good advice and help you and there’ll be eternally indebted to him, he will do it. What would have cost you a therapist or psychologist a few euros you literally cost you your life.
Once you have created this “debt” eternal now “you are his job, other phases will come. Ira radicalized his speech and what were cuddling and sweet, now that “you already have,” everything will be very different and will its true character and rudeness, rude, violent, moody, oppressive and controlling. If you have the relationship shatters, very cleverly, but you throbs. Shankaratilakananda Swami will break you all ties of friendship that have out of school, you will be away from your family, all this gradually and skillfully. Goes up the intensity of work, dedication and reverence that you will have with him and will be increasingly less time to live … … until you really spend 24 hours a day, and he lives for you, for you will be entirely offset / a. Ie isolates you, makes you more and more radical, making you believe you are a “chosen / a” person “special” and that society does not understand you, you do not have sitito for you and that’s why it is best that you are in the “paradise”, ie with its “holy and divine presence” and “their school.”
Swami Shankaratilakananda isolates you so if one day you leave, you look in the most absolute solitude and do not be at all easy to take that step, first you have tied / a emotionally and second that will be safe in economic debt him, without friends, without parents, without partner and 35,40,45,50 and years and you get dizzy a lot of “school and under.” But what of the reverse psychology will tell you that you’re free, the door to exit the school is very big and make the game cycle that is angry with you, because you will have been “offended” at something and invite you to go away from school. Without you realizing it, you will be holding with all his strength and was pushing you more and more in your school. Because I remember everything he has done for you, the good that has been with you, but remember not know what you’re paying with blood. I invite you go to school, so you think you have capacity to decide and to choose from, but he knows that it is not, you have totally bound / a hand and foot.

As great is the level that is offended (it’s all pure theater), more psychological and emotional pressure you and your project will by that time, I think a “demigod,” you will feel the brunt of this world, you’ll get depressed, you’ll feel like you are injuring the greatest of your spiritual world and then assign …. even though they have not entirely clear and that there are things in your mind you do not understand ( and how to understand them!).

Then the master pseudo Shankaratilakananda life will forgive you and giving you the whole situation back to show you what benevolent, magnanimous and compassionate is your teacher, but nothing is further from the truth. Every time this happens, the smaller the ring the emotional and mental that you’re going and therefore more bound / a, more attached / to be in his person, until you just lose yourself / oh no know properly discern and see for yourself and him, think for yourself and your life MediaTIC. It just will not know where you and start it.

Emotional blackmail, and spiritual life, overwhelming. Incredible, but true.
And you talk about your school is one big family and that he is the father, who is your father and your son or daughter and this paraphernalia paternalistic attempt to bind themselves more to it from this point emotionally. When your “dad” is a good you, you talk about you, but when it “offends” you speak of you, to make much greater distance. But this paternal relationship will last the duration of the scam, then forget your son or daughter. Curiously he has no physical children, only “spiritual”, ie victims. And meanwhile you will use to give your salary, your wife if you are male, your possessions, your savings, your heritage, your time, your job, your dignity, your effort, and so on.

Don`t think that all people who have fallen on their networks, are stupid, because they go wrong. They have gone through life many valuable people, with studies and careers, but this guy is very skilled, has knowledge (only intelectual), glib, a lot of psychology applied to the fraud and scam run your very carefully.

Swami Shankaratilakananda this “tycoon of yoga and spirituality” counts among its current holdings and / or earlier, with houses in Granada, Madrid and India, three larger motorcycles (BMW-YAMAHA-HONDA), three cars (Mercedes SLK Convertible RENAULT SCENIC HIGH-RANGE-VAN RENAULT BIG-ONE), dozens of top brand clothing, dozens of pairs of shoes first mark, dozens of watches, several laptops and desktop high-end speakers with additional kit, discs hard, flat screens, etc., several mobile phones, hundreds of original DVDs, thousands of original music CDs, several Ipod, frequent, frequent dinners at restaurants, theaters, cinemas, expensive perfumes and a thousand details, a standard of living very high, that many honest people would like to have. To be a “monk resigning” …. Not too bad. Incredible, but true.
And don’t  think the other members of the school have the same level. Because if so, we might think they are great “entrepreneurs” of Yoga, but it is not. Poor people / citizens who most want them / as. They / are just as cows, which is to be milked. What about living the rest? The crumbs that with “great mercy” makes this great … … swindler. It is very curious that this “big family”, only the father live sumptuously. Are not you think?

– Help us, so that no one falls into their hands.
Please spread this information. If you read it carefully and you understand how much they have suffered many individuals and families, it broadcasts the address of this blog and share it with everyone you can, how many more people know of the existence of this sect, much better. We can save future victims and hopefully we can prevent this individual to act with impunity.

If you are a victim of Swami Shankaratilakananda, dejases would be very good here, your opinion, experience or whatever you want to share. There is no need to resort to insult, by simply telling the truth this guy is going to be portrayed as it really is. The truth is on our side.

Become aware of the seriousness of these events, tomorrow the victim may be your friend, your child, your boyfriend / girlfriend, your brother / sister. Incredible, but true.
Heart thanks for your help.
Of heart thank you for your collaboration.


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